Deep Thoughts

These are for your entertainment only, though there might be a word of wisdom that helps:

- ITM% is the most useless stat in poker.  Those with the highest ITM% are the biggest nits, and don't make much money, if any at all.

- Using ABI as a guideline for proper bankroll management is just an excuse to play higher.  Admit it.  If a game is playable within your roll, it's playable within your roll.  If not, it's not.  Playing with too few buyins is just as dangerous no matter how many smaller games you play to "compensate" for your error.

- If I had a dollar for every time I was called a donkey... oh wait... I do!

- If you give your opponent a chance to do something moronic, he might just take you up on it.

- Those with a solid A-game will have their moments.  Those with a solid F-game will be powerhouses!

- MDFR.  Make Decisions, Fuck Results.

- The first step to progress is discontent.

- If we were to create a perfect poker player, we would make it devoid of emotion.

- You are not "card dead".  You may have been "card dead", but "card dead" is always past tense.  You never know what your next two will be.

- 90% of bankroll management is having a system and following it.  The other 10% is what system you actually use.  While I feel I have a good management system, what's more important is that you are making a concerted effort to do SOMETHING.

- An uncentered avatar may be a very big tell.  Just from a small sampling of 7, those with one allhave ROIs of less than -20%.  The average of the 7 was -40%.